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Musical notation by Ludwig van Beethoven (II)

Musical notation by Ludwig van Beethoven (II)

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composers: a summary

  • vivaldi: 3 billion concertos hhaha
  • cpe bach: who am i
  • mozart: sunshine and smiles
  • haydn: i basically invented every single genre lol
  • beethoven: ANGST ANGST ANGST and triplets and going deaf
  • chopin: my soUL
  • paganini: hahhaha noobs
  • liszt: AHAHAHHAHA noobs
  • alkan: fck ur fingers lol
  • brahms: cLARA
  • schubert: im a mushroom
  • wagner: have a twenty year long opera lol and leitmotifs
  • tchaikovsky: boom boom cannons
  • rachmaninoff: HANDS
  • debussy: sevenths and modes and whole tones awww yiss
  • ravel: bitch please ninths elevenths quadrillionths
  • holst: who needs stringed instruments ha anD I HATE THE PLANETS
  • prokofiev: lol get out of my way conventional tonality i will modulate in one measure to f double fuckflat minor and stay there for a page
  • cage:
  • reich: rrrrererreeepepeepeppppeeeaaaeaeaeaeeaaaatattatttt
  • stravinsky: da da da da da DA da da
  • schoenberg: (/79jjsOO##jksi&@'
  • satie: im funny
  • after 3 semesters of music history, this is so accurate.
March 24, 2014 9:41 am
"I’ve been imitated so well I’ve heard people copy my mistakes."

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The 500 Follower Give-Away Post!


Hey there folks! I’m currently reading up on all the rules of magic in order to study for my Rules Advisor test (page 13 or 207…), but I realized I had not yet set up the post for the next give-away!

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March 17, 2014 10:22 pm
I really, really need a delay pedal to make some post-rock, ambient and drone.

I really, really need a delay pedal to make some post-rock, ambient and drone.

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Afrique "Soul Makossa"



Before I started listening to this, I was waiting for my tea to be ready, so I sat down and looked at the cover. Now, I know it can’t possibly be a guitar instruction album, but the close ups of fingers playing the guitar made me think that. I like this cover, it has a lot of small pictures…

I love this so much! I just wanted to settle the synth vs. organ argument - there’s definitely synthesizers on this record. The reason it is listed as organ is that early synthesizers were marketed as organs, and there has long been a taboo on using synthesizers, since some people view them as being “fake”. Any organ that uses electronics to produce sound is actually a synthesizer.

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